Soil Fertility Services

Who we are and Why we are important to you.

Soil Fertility Services limited was established in the 1990’s and has since been working hand in hand with farmers throughout the UK, constantly striving to find biological farming solutions that are efficient and more effective, to build soil fertility and provide crop nutrition.

Our team of Soil Fertility Specialists all have extensive hands-on experience in soil fertility, working with clients in the UK and around the world, but specialising in UK soils and crops.

True soil fertility is dependent upon the chemistry, soil structure and biology of the soil being in balance. Because Soil Fertility Services has been testing and monitoring soils for many years, during that time we have gained the knowledge and expertise of interpreting the results so that the farmer has the correct information of what he needs to do to maximise his land’s full earning potential.


The answer to quality crop production lies in the soil, discover:

  • The potential of your soil to produce good crops
  • Why some fields are harder to cultivate
  • Why some fields yield less than others
  • How much fertility is ‘locked up’ in the soil.

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