Analysing your soil

‘Soil Fertility Services’ provides the World’s most comprehensive soil audit report for soil nutrient balancing and fertility management. We provide detailed recommendations and specialist help and advice on all soil related problems.


The aim of the soil audit is to identify the potential that a soil has to support plant growth and highlight limitations which may affect crop production. These limits may be physical, chemical or biological. Measurements are taken for ‘total’ and ‘available’ levels of essential plant nutrients.


Only a Soil Audit will tell you:

  • The ‘available’ level of key plant nutrients and of each trace element.
  • Total nutrient reserves in the top 15cm and the amounts of selected trace elements.
  • Calcium balance (the key to soil nutrition)
  • Total and available nitrogen as well as soil type, % sand, silt and clay.
  • Organic matter, Organic Carbon and True Humus levels.
  • Cation Exchange value and cation ratios (imbalances may be a genuine limit to plant growth)
  • Sulphur and Sulphate Levels