The BetterGrass Program


In 1997 we were asked to visit a dairy farm in Cheshire; the farmer told us that when he put his cows into a particular field they would not eat the grass and would break out, so he stopped putting them in that field.  He said he then cuts the grass and takes it to the cows in the yard so they HAVE to eat it!

We were amazed at this and tasted the grass ourselves –  it was HORRIBLE – and didn’t blame the cows at all for not wanting to eat it.  Cutting a long story short, we analysed the soil and grass then implemented a programme of soil mineral balancing.  That field is now one of the best on the farm producing high quality grass and the animals love it.

To grow better grass means finding out what the balances and ratios of minerals are in your soil and fodder and then implementing a simple, but cost effective programme of soil nutrient balancing and the correct use of fertilisers if required.
A good quality grass needs 20 or more minerals and your stock needs ALL of these if they are to enjoy good health and grow as they should.  Increasing mineral levels in grass will improve the immune system in the animals that eat it – hence Better Grass!
 Cows (2)
Cows grazing a ‘BetterGrass’ treated field