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soil applied   Soil Applied :                             

Bio-MulchBio-NHumicHumic SCGStarter 47      

 Picture2 Foliar Applied:

Foli-N Mega-FosVitaplex  

liquid feed Feed Applied:

Complex Liquid Feed     


Eco-SC – Soil emollient and biological stimulant

Ag Slag – Steel works slag used for liming with additional trace minerals

BetterGrass Standard Improves grass quality and includes 20+ trace minerals

BetterGrass Magnesium – Better Grass product with extra magnesium

BetterGrass Xtra – Better Grass product with high quality calcium lime

Complex Booster – Starter for potatoes, sugar beet, OSR includes 27 essential nutrients

Atlantic Gold – Premium liquid seaweed 34%

Slurry Pit Powder – Improves quality of slurry, reduces odour and crusting

Ag Slag and Hi-Phos Slag – Increases pH and phosphate in soils