Baby Food for Baby Veg

Baby Food for Baby Veg  download full version on pdf

Root crops this year were drilled early into excellent seed beds and normally this is the best you can do to get crops off to a good start. Unfortunately, as always in your business,  weather can  muck  things  up.

You can improve plant health and  trigger root  development with an application of the VITA-FOS. This unique product has been developed  especially  for  these  root crops  and  will:

  • Increase availability of trace elements
  • Develop Stronger Root System
  • Provide Better Plant Nutrition
  • Encourage Photosynthesis
  • Ensure Healthier Plants
  • Improve Yield
  • Enable Better Quality Crop
  • Increase Farmer Returns

 NB: Abridged version only, for full information please download pdf above.