BIO-N supplies 60 kg/ha Nitrogen –    download full pdf

At long last we now have the natural nitrogen fixing organisms in a stabilised form that we can now offer to you to apply to your spring crops, where they will ‘fix’ a minimum of 60 kg/ha of ammonium nitrogen direct in your soil for your plants to use as required.

BIO-N  ia available in 20 litre drums, to be applied at only 5 litres per hectare using large droplet size or stream jet nozzles. 200 litres (10 drums) will treat 40 hectares (100 acres), to supply 60 kilograms of nitrogen.

The nitrogen comes with an activator which contains a range of beneficial trace minerals with PGA (plant growth activators) that will also recover phosphate from your soil’s locked-up bank and trigger biogger stronger root systems.

 60 kg nitrogen supplied BIO-N  Equivalent to: C.A.N.
£36.00 £160 per tonne

We have been working with this product for 7 years now with consistent results, showing increased yields, reduced nitrogen or both, but only now can we get it in a stabilised liquid that you can easily use together with the activator.

Apply at anytime in spring, it takes warm weather to build the numbers necessary and for that reason we recommend a ‘normal’ nitrogen for the first application – the BIO-N will kick-in later.

There are many types of natural soil micro-organisms that can ‘fix’ nitrogen so that the plants can use it; some are more efficient than others and some are suited to our climate. These include the various strains of Azotobacters and bacillus that we have now sourced.

Trial patch of Bio-N being prep'd for Royal Welsh Show. Bio-N applied on Rt of marked out area. Trial patch of grass with Bio-N applied to Rt of marked area - even got good growth where the product dripped from the container!








The pictures show a trial patch of grassland being prepared for The Royal Welsh Show. The area to the right of the marked area was sprayed with Bio-N 2WEEKS PRIOR TO THE PICTURES BEING TAKEN. The grass is stronger, greener, longer and there is more of it. You can even see where the product dripped being put into the spray applicator.

 NB: Abridged version only, for full information please download pdf .