Potatoes – What to do now…

Potatoes – What to do now…     download full version on pdf

Late planted potatoes into cold wet soils are going to throw too many tubers to make the size and grade that you need for top prices, or even to meet your buyers specifications. To improve tuber size and evenness it will be important to apply a foliar feed that comes with all necessary trace elements, not least calcium, zinc and believe it or not – selenium.  More on this later.

We have formulated a specific potato bulker using the ‘Flex Technology’ to be applied at 15lt/ha with alternate blight sprays – minimum 3 applications (the 1st to be applied after tuber set).

This product contains the brilliant Amino Nitrogen so no nasty nitrates, no ammonium losses and total availability to your crop together with PO3(phosphite), PO4 (phosphate) which will markedly improve plant health and increase tuber size with magnesium, manganese, sulphate, calcium, and zinc all in a seaweed base with biological activators.

Much work has been done to show the need for and benefit of maintaining a good selenium level in the diet of animals and more recently humans, where it directly influences the health and well-being of who or whatever maintains good levels, including better health overall. It directly fights cancer and increases vigour and well-being.

It’s much the same on crops in general, but especially potatoes. In trials undertaken in Helsinki Finland, the following benefits were observed:

Selenium increased carbohydrate accumulation and yield, as a result of the antioxidant properties delaying senescence.

High selenium in the tubers improves storage quality as well as improving processing qualities. Selenium enriched potatoes would be a highly valuable source of selenium in the human diet.

 NB: Abridged version only, for full information please download pdf above.