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You could get another £170 a hectare (£68 an acre) from your sugar beet crop

Sugar Beet this year was drilled early into excellent seed beds and normally this is the best you can do to get crops off to a good start. Unfortunately, as always in your business, weather can muck things up.

Beet emerged well and you can clearly see down the rows BUT crops are now suffering from cold nights, drying winds and DROUGHT .

You can improve plant health and trigger root development with an application of the VITA-FOS BEET . This unique product has been developed especially for this crop and will:

  • Increase availability of trace elements
  • Develop Stronger Root System
  • Provide Better Plant Nutrition
  • Stimulate Higher Sugar Content
  • Encourage Photosynthesis
  • Ensure Healthier Plants
  • Improve Yield
  • Enable Better Quality Crop
  • Increase Farmer Returns

What is it?

VITA-FOS BEET is the most efficient complete foliar feed for improving plant performance and therefore encourages crops to make more effective use of their natural resources. It’s unique combination of phosphate and phosphite with the addition of organic bio-stimulants (Auxins and Cytokinins) will improve uptake of all cations (Ca, Mg, K, Mn) and increase mobility in the plant. It is a highly concentrated, water soluble formulation and contains a balance of enzymes, amino acids, humic acid, trace elements and other organic substances, in all more than 60 elements – in fact, ALL essential trace minerals in a biologically active organic base including biological activators and beneficial micro-organisms including Azotobacters for improved leaf growth and photosynthesis.

These elements and growth stimulants supplement the plants bio-chemistry and have a catalytic effect on the growth mechanisms of the plant – that develops a stronger, more active root system It also contains a special seaweed extract which has the highest levels of minerals and plant growth stimulants known to man.

VITA-FOS BEET enables the plant to release nutrients previously locked up in the soil thus relieving trace element deficiency and makes more effective use of applied fertilisers. A plant relies on the availability of good nutrition in the soil to maintain its health and resist stress.

VITA-FOS BEET encourages photosynthesis and builds carbohydrates resulting in a stronger cell structure that in turn produces a higher yielding plant. You really should not ignore this product when applied at the right time, results have shown extremely useful increases in yield and sugar content. 

 NB: Abridged version only, for full information please download pdf above.