Vita-Fos with Mega-bacters  download full version on pdf

Beneficial disease fighting micro-organisms – Megabacters – NOW AVAILABLE.

These microbes arte all natural UK species of a range of bacillus and have been isolated for their tolerance and selected because of their proven ability to out-compete fungal pathogens both in the soil and on the leaf of the plants.

Work done in Ireland showed 98% reduction in leaf disease including Rust, Septoria,  Fusarium and Rhizoctonia. As with any living breathing organisms, these microbes need air, food and water in order to multiply; therefore we will add them into Vita-Fos product and change the name to Mega-Fos.

When applied to the plant leaf they will quickly multiply to cover the green leaf area, thereby out-competing and preventing airborne pathogens from becoming established.

Mega-Fos contains PO3 (phosphite) which will also give protection as well as a range of nutrients for the bugs. Application is 2.5 litres per hectare at all important growth stages. The object is to keep all new growth covered by these beneficial microbes.

This is a low cost option to improve plant health and reduce disease pressure. Most people will use it with a low cost fungicide but in some spring cropping or where disease risk is low this maybe all you need.

        Soil Fertility Services’ Complete Biological Protection and Nutrition Programme      
TIMING TO T1 T2 T3 Earwash
GROWTH STAGE    2-4 wks before T1 GS 32  GS 39  GS 59  GS 75 
 Leaf 3 Emerged Flag Leaf Ear Emergence Medium Milk
Milling Wheat    Mega-Fos  Mega-Fos   Mega-Fos Mega-Fos  Complex-Foli N 
Complex Foli-N Complex Foli-N Complex Foli-N  
  Feed Wheat Mega-Fos    Mega-Fos Mega-Fos   Mega-Fos  
 Complex-Foli N  Complex-Foli N  Complex-Foli N  
OSR  Mega-Fos  Mega-Fos  Mega-Fos     
Complex Foli-N Complex Foli-N

Winter Barley

Mega-Fos Mega-Fos  Mega-Fos Mega-Fos    
Complex Foli-N Complex Foli-N Complex Foli-N

Spring Barley

  Mega-Fos Mega-Fos Mega-Fos    
Complex Foli-N Complex Foli-N

 NB: Abridged version only, for full information please download pdf above.